Internet of Thing

Smart Agriculture 

Smart Industry
Smart Homes and Smart Cities
Environment Monitoring 
IoT: Architectures, Protocols and Standards
Open-source solutions for the IoT
Connectivity and network technologies for the IoT
IoT Security and Privacy
Big data & IoT
IoT Analytics
Design of IoT & AI solutions
IoT & Machine Learning
IoT & Deep Learning
Fuzzy logic in IoT
Web of Things and semantic interoperability
Mobility aspects of the IoT
Quality of service aspects of the IoT
Software engineering practices and tools for the IoT
IoT Operating Systems
Low-Power Short-Range IoT Networks
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks
5G Networks for the IoT
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless Body Area Networks
RFID & Wireless IoT
Ubiquitous Computing & IoT
IoT Embedded Systems
IoT Hardware Design
IoT Platforms
Emerging IoT Applications

Data Analytics and Decision Automation

Data Management in IoT

Efficient Resource Management Based on IoT

End To End/Machine to Machine (M2M) Protocols

Security, Trust, Privacy and Identity in the IoT

Scalability and Robustness for Internet of Things

Modeling and Communicating Transparency in IoT

Performance Evaluation of IoT Technologies

Big Data:

• Big Data Models and Algorithms

• Big Data Architectures

• Big Data Management

• Big Data Security and Privacy

• Quality of Big Data Services

• Big Data Search, Mining, and Visualization

• Big Data Applications

• Enabling Resources for Big Data Research

• Special Track on Real-Time Big Data Analytics

• Special Track on Big Data/Smart Cities

Cloud Computing:

• Cloud Infrastructure

• Cloud as a Service

• Cloud Management and Operations

• Cloud Security

• Performance, scalability, and reliability

• Systems software and hardware

• Data Analytics in Cloud

• Software Eng. Practice for Cloud

• Cloud Applications

• Cloud Economics

Wireless Communication:

• Localization for wireless networks

• Network estimation and processing techniques

• Mesh, relay, sensor and ad hoc networks

• Mobility, location, and handoff management

• Mobile and wireless IP

• Wireless multicasting, routing

• Robust routing

• Multimedia QoS and traffic management

• Wireless broadcast, multicast and streaming

• Congestion and admission control

• Proxies and middleware for wireless networks

• Wireless network security and privacy

• Performance of E2E protocols over wireless networks

Data Communication and Computer Networks:

• Network Based Applications

• Network Security

• Next Generation Web

• Recent Trends in Computer Networks

• Wireless and Adhoc Network

• Wireless Multimedia systems

• Cryptography

• High Speed Networks